21st Century HGH VS Sytropin

21st Century HGH

One of the newcomers in the HGH industry is known as 21st Century HGH, made by Pros Inc (AKA Designer Health Products). It is supposedly a homeopathic formula that uses an oral spray to provide you with some degree of human growth hormone in order to increase your HGH levels.

21st Century HGH claims that it is one of the only legally obtainable formulas that actually contains human growth hormone, this is however, inaccurate.

The Similarities Between 21st Century and Sytropin

The two formulas do appear to have some similarities on first glance. In reality the only similarity they have is that they are both oral sprays. Sytropin has a completely different formula, while 21st Century HGH only contains 3 ingredients (4 if you choose their "advanced" formula), none of which actually improves your HGH levels. Sytropin contains over a dozen different ingredients, each one able to improve your body's ability to increase its HGH levels.

What Makes 21st Century HGH by Pros Inc. Fall Short?

There are several aspects of their formula that make it fall short of Sytropin. The first, and arguably the most important, is that giving you pure HGH is actually not what your body needs. Your body needs human growth hormone that has your DNA signature, otherwise your body will reject much of the HGH and, what it does accept, it will only make up for by stopping production of that amount of HGH by your body. You will not have more HGH in your body, you will just cause your body to create less.

In addition, even if we were to assume it was effective, 30X of HGH is simply not enough to see any noticeable results. You may be putting HGH in your body, but you will not be seeing any effects of it.

Finally, 21st Century HGH states that they use "lab created" HGH. Lab created HGH can be dangerous - it can actually harm your body more than it helps it. Pros Inc boasts that it uses "real pharmaceutical grade HGH" but "pharmaceutical" is code for "made in a lab," making it not actually natural. There is no such standard recognized by any governing body for the production of HGH supplements. That is why it is odd that it even claims that it is homeopathic, since homeopathic formulas are supposed to be natural.

It may be tempting to use 21st Century HGH, because it purportedly contains "real HGH" according to their website. But the HGH is not real, and even if it was, it will not give you any of the benefits that you want. Instead, use Sytropin. It is simply the better option and is the only product backed by the Sytropin 90 day guarantee.

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